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Project Overview
Pimlico (formally known as Pimlico Plumbers) are London's largest independent service company providing both domestic and commercial property maintenance.
Photo Editing / Art Directing
Working with an external photographer I wanted to capture a photo that empahsises the company's 24 hour service. The aim was to achieve the long exposure lights trails to represent the night going by while our engineers are out on call. To create the finished photo I masked multiple photos together in photoshop.
Digital Billboards
Using the 'night shot' photo I created an advertising campaign which was displayed around London on London Lites digital billboards
96 Sheet Print Billboard
Pimlico are currently celebrating 40 years of service. Along with the addition on the ribbon to the logo, I designed artwork for a 96 sheet billboard at Lambeth North. Using one of the company's strongest brand assets, the Pimlico Van, the artwork gives a strong message of a trusted company.
Pimlico News Magazine
Working closely with the PR team I am tasked with designing the layout for the quarterly Pimlico News Magazine. Since taking over the magazine has increased in size and popularity.
CAD Drawings
Using BathCad software I create bathroom designs for visual aids for both our customers and tradespeople.
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