Digital | Print | CAD |Photograpy & Photo Editing
Project Overview
The Pimlico Group (formally known as Pimlico Plumbers) are London's largest independent service company providing both domestic and commercial property maintenance. I currently work as their in-house Graphic Designer producing a wide variety work over both print and digital.
Unedited Image
Unedited Image
Finished edited image

Art Directing & Photo Editing

Working with an external photographer I wanted to capture a photo that empahsises the company's 24 hour service. The aim was to achieve the long exposure lights trails to represent the night going by while our engineers are out on call.
96 Sheet Billboard
Using the night shot photo, I designed artwork for a 96 sheet billboard at Lambeth North emphasising the company's 40 years of service to London.
Social Media Motion Graphics
I have created a series of motion graphics for Pimlico's socials which have helped increase overall engagement.
Digital Billboard
A series of static and motion digital billboards emphasising the companies London coverage and services.
Using a flat in London, I arranged a photoshoot with one of our engineers to take some 'lifestyle' shots with a customer. All photos were taken by myself.
CAD Bathrooms
Using BathCad (part of articled software) I create bathroom designs for visual aids for both our customers and tradespeople.
Wooden back structure for Santa, created by our in-house maintenance team.
Sign artwork errected with the wooden structure fixed into place.
Finished Christmas roof sign.
Roof Sign
On top of the head office situated at Lambeth, we have a large roof sign which sits opposite a busy South Western mainline. Working closely with our in-house maintenance team and an external printer, I created a 'Christmas themed' roof sign. A large wooden structure was built and attached to the sign to create the oversized Santa.